We are LED Lighting Video Audio Signage Turnkey

Our Services


LED Displays

Highly versatile LED displays with vibrant colors, customizable sizes, and easy installation. Perfect for showcasing dynamic content and captivating audiences in any environment.


Control Solutions

Streamline your event control with our comprehensive solutions for video, audio, and lighting. Effortlessly manage and synchronize displays, creating immersive experiences with ease and precision.

Audio / Video Solutions

Experience seamless audio and video solutions for command centers and conference rooms. Our experts set up cutting-edge technology, delivering immersive experiences with crystal-clear displays and powerful sound. Elevate your meetings today!

Customized Signage

Transform your venue with customized signage that ties your entire space together. From office to stadium or building signage, we create visually stunning displays tailored to your brand, enhancing the ambiance and leaving a lasting impression.

Lighting Solutions

Illuminate and elevate your architectural features with our exquisite lighting solutions. From sculptures to building features, our expertly designed accent lighting adds a captivating touch, enhancing the aesthetics and highlighting the beauty of your space.

Our Projects

Simplify your projects with our comprehensive turnkey management. From design to installation, we handle every aspect for efficient, customized, and cost-effective lighting solutions.

About Us

LucentHD was founded by Josh Goldade and Jared Anderson. The founders of LucentHD have worked on over 200 major sports designs and installations throughout the U.S. and Canada. These projects have been for NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS, and NASCAR clients as well as major NCAA universities. LucentHD’s core capabilities provide an AV project delivery that is both turn-key and reliable.

LucentHD is a design, engineering, and construction firm that provides AV system integration and installation for enterprise clients as well as AV consultant.